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 Patriotic Names for Numbers Math Game Free PDF

Free Flag Day math games, 26 pages

Happy Flag Day! 

So, because it is Flag Day, my game this month has a patriotic theme for matching number names.  In the Everyday Math program, math boxes are used throughout the school year, and children have to fill the boxes with names for the number.  If a box has a 6 at the top, the child may draw six cents, 6 tallies, 6 shorts (the word for ones if using base 10 blocks), or even math facts such as 2 + 4, 7 -1, and so on.  

Young children can begin forming this concept before first grade to enhance their math skills later on.  My game today has no “facts” but has other ways to name numbers as you can see in this photo:Free Patriotic Names for Numbers Math Game

Free Patriotic Names for Numbers Math GameThanks for reading, Carolyn