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Paris, Disneyland, and Printable Placemats (scroll down for the free instant downloads)

What an adventure lovely Miss Owl had over New Year’s and the holidays visiting relatives in France. Being bilingual in French and English, it is so nice she could have the chance to visit relatives and hear French spoken. When you are five years old and mostly hear English outside of the house, it would be a wonderful adventure to travel to Paris. This trip included a visit to Disneyland in Paris, and Miss Owl was ecstatic! She even was able to hug Mickey Mouse himself.



The Eiffel Tower was waiting when she arrived in Paris the first evening. She watched the light show on New Year’s Eve.


A Disney castle is lovely in any language. Such fun!


Miss Owl is very enthusiastic in this video of the parade.

Of course, there were shows. I imagine this one was very enjoyable.


Of course, the Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile  was a necessary drive-by!


Have you heard a saying along the lines of someone went to Paris or somewhere and all I got was this t-shirt? Well, you just get printable placemats. There are two versions for printing options on different sizes of paper. Click on the links for your free instant downloads.



Paris, Disneyland, and Printable Placemats

Miss Owl has a much better and perfect French Accent compared to mine. She is five and has heard correct French her entire life. I studied French for six years and would much rather try to read it than speak it! It is said a “window” in the brain for learning second languages closes about age ten. If anyone learns a second language after age ten, he or she will have an accent forever. If a child learns a second language when young, no accent will be detected later on. It is very precious that Miss Owl is having such a wonderful opportunity to learn French!

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