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Parent and family information and activities are available on this site. Here are some of the main blog posts. There are free instant download PDFs.


Free developing reading comprehension skills eBook for parents and teachers of young children. ABCs for parents.

Before Reading

Birthday bingo and coloring pages free printable for children’s parties. The PDF is an instant download available at the post.

Birthday Bingo

Learning to read in kindergarten and first grade begins with things parents can do at home. Learning to read text does not actually begin with a book.

Concepts of Print
preparing-your-child-for-first-grade-math (1)

A post about preparing your child for first-grade math in daily life without worksheets or flashcards.

Daily Life Math

Garage sales help children learn about making change! They help children learn about coins.

Counting Coins
Handprints in Clay

Back to school and thinking about homework for K-2 students, parents, and teachers is on my mind. Back to homework is rarely without issues. How to tell if the problem needs help outside the family.


This post is about my opinion of issues that arise when students struggle with oral reading and comprehension. Ideas to help with problem-solving in this area.

Issues in Reading

Help children notice the moon can be visible during the daytime. I taught first grade, and most children think the moon can only be out at night. In science class, they will insist they are right.

Moon in Daytime
Morgan’s Mom Posts

Pint-sized perfectionists carry a painful burden and can cause parental anguish. Understand what is going on.

Northern Ireland

An anthology: Orphan Train to Modern Day Nonfiction Short Stories of Adoption & Foster Care. Fifteen writers.

Orphan Train & Today

Theme baskets for baby include board books, soft baby toys, and musical interactives. These baskets are for a baby about 7 months old. Baby is ready to learn!

Theme Baskets

If you are traveling with children, plan quiet times during the day and anticipate random hunger or thirst.  Plan ahead for children’s needs.

8 Travel Tips

Safe at Home coloring pages is a free PDF download in our free eMember area. Discuss pages with children.

Safe at Home

Simple birthday color pages for ages 3-7 are an easy activity for birthday parties which include toddlers. Free instant download PDF.

Simple Coloring

Summer slide can be prevented, although it takes some concentrated effort on the part of parents, students, and caregivers.

Summer Slide

Coloring pages to welcome new babies are included in this post. Free instant download PDF. This post was part of a virtual baby shower.

Welcome Baby

Do you know about HELLP Syndrome? No, that is not a misspelling. With HELLP, not everyone has the same symptoms.

World Prematurity Day

Actually, children do worry about everything from tying shoes to whether or not they will be able to get lunch.

Worrying About School