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Panda-puzzles-and-games-free-PDFThe Panda! This is the third week of the “How i Safari” Safari Ltd. promotion and this week. This time they sent me a pandas Toob (non-affiliate link). Many kids love pandas. This post includes a free printable with skip counting puzzles from 2 to 10, a memory matching game, and same/different cards to discuss. Visual discrimination will be practiced with these pictures, which helps reading skills. There was no other compensation involved, and this review is my own opinion.

Free panda-skip-counting-puzzles
This is how I SafariThe pandas in the Toob are actual six matching pairs. This provides an opportunity for comparing and contrasting, which is an important thinking skill for students. So first the pandas could be set up as matching pairs. What are they doing? Eating, climbing, and more. If you do not have the toys, please know that the printables I make may be used independently of the them. Toys not required but are just so nice to have on hand. Panda-pairs-same

Panda Games

Then, the pandas could be set up in pairs that are different. See the last pages of the printable PDF to print two pages of same/different cards for the children to compare and contrast the pictures. panda-pairs-different

A memory game could be played with the panda pictures. Players turn over two cards per turn, and if the pictures match the pair is kept until the end of the game. The player with the most cards win.  Go fish could also be played with the cards. I printed the pages, cut the pictures apart, and glued them on card stock to make the game.


Same or different cards are included, and children could match the cards from the memory game  to the double picture cards to help clearly see if the pictures are the same or different. Oral language could be encouraged as children compare and contrast. free-same-or-different-panda-pictures-activity

Panda Skip Counting Puzzle

Here is a picture of a sample puzzle page.


The skip counting Panda Poses Puzzles may be printed and cut apart. Then, laminate the parts of the puzzles.


Place the puzzle strips in a tray so children can practice their skip counting and assemble the page. The picture provides the control of error so important in Montessori. The child can self-correct by seeing if the picture is right.


The puzzles and game are all included in the 24 page PDF.

Panda-puzzles-and-games-free-printableYou might like to know the Smithsonian’s National Zoo has a panda exhibit among many other wonderful displays. Admission is free if you are ever in that area. Smithsonian-National-Zoo-Panda-Exhibit

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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