This owl theme for classrooms includes an alphabet, numbers 1-30, a birthday display, editable newsletters, editable student awards, editable desk name plates, editable schedule signs, and more.  It is over 230 pages in length, low-priced, and is available on Teachers Pay Teachers.  This is the preview file which will open right here. See also the photos, below. See also freebies at the end of this post.

Instructions for downloading the free owl class theme zip folder are at this link. 


Owl Theme

Editable name plates for student desks are included. editable-8-one-half-X-11-desk-Toppers Editable items include name tags, newsletters, birthday and achievement awards, and the schedule cards. editable items included in owl class theme Alphabet letter size teaching posters are included. alphabet for owl theme classroom Numbers 1-30 with their representations are included, too. numbers with number representation for 1-30 Numbers through 120 are included with odd/even color representation, and counting by 3’s with color representation. owl class numbers to 120 with different colors are included
Now for some freebies!  First, here is a free sequencing page for Good Night, Owl. Free-for-Good-Night-Owl-book Next, here is a free animal group names printable. Did you know a group of owls is called a parliament of owls? animal-group-names-freebie

Owls Smart Board

Click on these words for a FREE OWL SMART Board lesson with graphing PDF included (nonfiction)

Click on these words for free owls PowerPoint lesson and graphing PDF pages for students


And, last, here is a free printable worksheet and answer key for White Owl, Barn Owl.


Finally, here are some well-loved owl stories for primary grades, and some links to online resources for using these books.

OWLS by Gail Gibbons

OWLS by Gail Gibbons (nonfiction), OWL MOON by Jane Yolen (multigenre), and OWL AT HOME by Arnold Lobel (beginning reader, animal fiction) Here are three wonderful books to read to children, and many young children will be able to read OWL AT HOME as it is a beginning reader.

OWLS by Gail Gibbons, as always, provides a nonfiction read aloud full of true facts.  Many children actually like nonfiction more than fiction, so be sure to try books by Gail Gibbons for these children. OWL MOON is the story of a father and daughter who walk in the night to go owling with flashlights.  The moon is bright and the setting is actually in winter.  The illustrations are from the point of view of the owl.  Says the girl, “I was a shadow as we walked home.”  Children may want to try owling sometime, and spring is a good time before all the bugs are out in full force.

Owl at Home by Arnold Lobel

OWL AT HOME has five stories about the antics of OWL:  The Guest, Strange Bumps, Tear-Water Tea, Upstairs and Downstairs, and Owl and the Moon.  These stories are fun to read, short, and the vocabulary is intended for beginning readers.  Owl investigates bumps in the night, runs upstairs and downstairs and finds he cannot be in two places at once and befriends the moon in some of these stories.  It is easy to see why children find the stories amusing. FREE Teaching Resources PDF page for Gail Gibbons for a year-long curriculum with her books (amazing!) Jane Yolen official site list of teaching resources (not all are free, and some are free if you send for them) FREE Owl Moon by Jane Yolen Lesson on Scholastic Discussion Questions for Doing Philosophy Using Literature (scroll down to find OWL AT HOME) Below is a few seconds of a close up of an owl’s head:

Happy Owling, Carolyn