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The Breadwinner Read the World Summer 2018

The Breadwinner, also known as Parvana, is a children's novel by Deborah Ellis.  It was first published in 2000, and by 2013 there were 39 English editions. The book has received several literary awards, including the Peter Pan Prize. Parvana has to live like a boy although with her family due to circumstances in war-torn Afghanistan. Taliban soldiers enter her

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Unexpected Journey Comprehension Questions Free

Unexpected Journey comprehension questions free are at this post by clicking on the next link to download your copy: free-movie-1-Hobbit-Q-and-A Before vacation, sometimes teachers have been known to show a movie which didn't work that well in first grade, you know. But some classes might watch The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey (movie) and then discuss

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How to Think by Allan Jacobs Book Review

How to Think by Allan Jacobs Book Review How to Think: A Survival Guide for a World at Odds was written by Allan Jacobs to help people feeling chaos from social media and anti-intellectualism in today's world. I recently became interested in the Blogging for Books program and this title caught my eye. Thinking

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Stolen Laughter New Book by Tess Thompson

Stolen Laughter New Book by Tess Thompson Stolen Laughter is now available. Teachers! When you take a break from correcting papers, planning lessons, getting ready for observations, and conferences, one way to relax is to read. Put your feet up and sit back. Charlene Tess has written posts on this blog, and she also writes

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