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Mystery Writing Generic ISNs for Grades 2 and 3

Mystery writing in class? This printable is to help inspire students to plan and write mystery stories. Interactive notebook pages include ones for characters, settings, sequencing events, and clues. Rubrics for the teacher and student are also part of the PDF. It in included in our premium eMember area.

Mystery Writing Generic ISNs for Grades 2 and 3 freeThis YouTube video shows the pages in the printable for students to plan and write a mystery.

The class or homeschool writing center could be set up with folded paper envelope slots for the different ISN’s (interactive student notebook pages).

Mystery Writing Generic ISNs for Grades 2 and 3 free

After time has been provided during writer’s workshop for a few days, then the bulletin board display could be changed by removing the work pages and placing only the rubric. This sends a silent message to students to wrap things up for writing conferences with the teacher.

when the unit is over replace the ISN's with a rubric to share assessment around the corner

Characters are to be named and also described as part of the pre-writing activities. More reluctant writers would be encouraged by the pictures and probably be able to think of clever names for them. More independent writers might want to make their own ISN page.

students name and describe characters as part of story pre-writing

The setting foldable pages for student notebooks would be used in a similar way. More reluctant writers or those inspired by art might like to use the ideas provided for scenes in their stories. More independent writers would like to create their own ISN with settings they draw or name. There is a page for clues, sequencing, the story cover, writing page, and the rubrics.


At this link, there is a free Google slide for students to type their stories.generic-detective-foldables-printable

Another ISNs PDF is not generic and is specific for the book Frankie Dupont and the Mystery of Enderby Manor. See a blog post here about the book and author, Julie Grasso. Frankie-Dupont-ISNs-free-PDF

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