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This post has three Mother’s Day printable instant download freebies.

Instant download 1 — Free-Mothers-Day-Count-and-Graph-Roll-and-Graph

Instant download 2 — Mother’s Day coloring and writing pages

Instant download 3 — Mother’s Day Cards (color and black and white printing pages)

Free Mother's Day Printables and Cards

First, there is a math center graphing activity with a Mother’s Day theme. Some of the pages are in black and white, and some are in color for printing options. There is a black and white cube to roll as well as a different one in color. Both may be used! The color printing counting and make-a-graph pages may be placed in plastic sleeves (page protectors) for use with dry markers. You can see these are different.  If using the cube option, answers will vary, so this might be best for more independent workers.


And the black and white cube:


The color printing graphing recording pages may be used with markers.


The black and white printing page may be used as a consumable student work page.


If the cube is not used, an alternative is the counting page, which gives a certain answer. This may be used when work should be checked for accuracy.


Again, the black and white version differs from the color printing option.


Answer keys are provided for both options. Here is one key.


The second printable includes writing and coloring pages which may be given to mothers. MothersDayfreebie_Page_1

The pages might be colored, cut out, and pasted on construction paper to make cards. Mother's Day Free Printable

The writing page could be inserted if the cards are created with 12″ X 18″ construction paper. Mother's Day Writing

A”wow-mom” card is always fun to make!wow-mom

And the third printable includes another black and white card, as well.


Mother's Day Printable Cards Freebies

The inspiration for this printable came from a  mocha made by the lovely Shannah at the Java Moose in Grand Marais, MN.  This is a photo of what you see when sitting on the deck at the Java Moose, the Grand Marais harbor on Lake Superior.  She’s made me several outstanding pictures in my coffee.

Photo of the Grand Marais, MN harbor

Save your ink by only printing black and white pages in the downloads.

Mothers Day freebie PDF from Wise Owl Factory

Thank you for reading and happy Mother’s Day at your house, Carolyn