The-Moorchild-bookThis is a compelling story of a changeling named Saaski, who is half-human and half-elf like and magical.  She is switched at birth with a human baby when the Moorfolk discover she is half mortal.  Her eyes change color with her mood.  Saaski learns the pain of not fitting in as she learns about her heritage during this story. This is a good story to mention for St. Patrick’s Day, which is today.

The Moorchild, by Eloise McGraw, a novel for grades 4 and up.

Children who enjoy fantasy, have connections with Ireland, who don’t fit in perfectly with everyone else, or who know someone who plays Irish music will enjoy this book.  Some sensitive children would perhaps be too concerned with Saaski’s problems to enjoy the book at ages 9 or 10.

Arien was a student who took bagpipe lessons with her mother, and she introduced me to the book.  She and I wrote a play about it, which the class performed using an outdoors area for the stage (there are elves in the book, so the setting had to be convincing).  Her mother played the bagpipes for the class while we were still outdoors, which made the experience memorable.

THE MOORCHILD Free Printable Play


Link to the same play, The Moorchild (FREE at

The Moorchild Free Printable Play

Let a child introduce you to a great book soon!

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