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Karen Tyler’s KHT Montessori 12 month online course will begin on September 12, 2016. She is offering one of my readers tuition which includes all of the teaching albums. I am currently a student in her class and it having a wonderful learning experience. I like the Montessori method as it has teaching albums with lessons, a philosophy, respects children, emphasizes peace and manners, doesn’t use worksheets or rely on flashcards, can be done at home, many of the materials can be made DIY, and no prizes are necessary as children are internally motivated with this system. It can be used at home, homeschool, daycare, or public school. 

KHT Montessori’s 12-Month Online Course Giveaway

I As a former elementary teacher of 28 years, despite two masters degrees and National Board Certification, I continue to learn so many more things that would have helped former students. I do continue to keep my MN teaching certificate up to date and take online classes to be current, although retired. Why be out of the education loop? It is all still so interesting to me. And my secret goal is to be a Montessori grandma. There are other grandmas in the group, as well, so I am not alone. Although a certificate is offered for taking this course and I hope to earn it, my real motivation is for learning more about the young child and the Montessori method. Many people homeschool using Montessori, and more and more public schools are incorporating the philosophy and strategies.

Studying kid with an apple new student

New students used to enter our public school in first grade after a Montessori pre-school and kindergarten experience. Some teachers would groan when such a student was added to their class list. Right, a child who is already responsible, self-motivated, internally rewarded, used manners, enjoyed working and learning, and was considered to be a capable person was now being treated like an inferior small being and told to follow a predetermined learning schedule full of rules. That is a problem! The actual problem was there is usually not education  or workshops for public school teachers regarding the Montessori method. The Montessori children had such a language explosion of learning and showed so many capabilities that I began to wonder what they had been doing at their previous school. As I am learning by reading Montessori blogs and books, watching Montessori videos, and taking this class — they were having a profound education.

Do you know some of the famous people who attended Montessori schools? Princes Harry, William and now George in Great Britain, the founders of Google, the founder of Amazon, Anne Frank, and Melissa Gilbert to name a few. But what is different about Montessori? Why the KHT Montessori online class?

What is different about a Montessori education?

One difference I noticed right away was the Montessori stresses teaching by teaching, not by correcting. So often I have seen teachers give assignments to children who cannot do them, and then grade the work. Sometimes I had to do that myself when the curriculum had to be taught on a school district timeline. First, teaching is necessary. Do you want a child to put his or her clothes away? Teach them how to open and close the dresser drawer. Often children are directed to do things they have not been shown how to do. Montessori teaches everything from how to sit in a chair, how to set the table at a young age, how to open and close a door, and manners. Do you want a polite child? The child needs to be taught. Not simply told or lectured at, but taught.

KHT Montessori’s 12-Month Online Course GiveawayAnother difference is that Montessori stresses the need for the environment to be beautiful in that it is clean and orderly. Have you noticed Montessori shelves? They have “breathing room” and space. They are not cluttered. How much easier it is for a child to return an activity to a specified space than just stuff it in a box or overly full shelf.

I love the emphasis on child sized everything! Children have trouble with cooking if they are given adult utensils. With child-sized utensils they are able to help prepare food. Children can set the table, and arrange flowers for dinner. They do need to be taught when they are ready and not on an adult schedule. beating-egg-whites-with-child-sized-whisk

Why the KHT Montessori online class?

Have you notice and perhaps pinned the many lovely Montessori pictures on Pinterest, or read some blog posts about Montessori? That was how I began. It all looked great. But even a lovely activity and good idea cannot be forced on a child who may be in a sensitive period for learning something else. To make use of the many pins and blog post ideas, I needed more philosophy and background to understand how and when to use such materials. I can replicate a tray or rug activity, print cards, read books, and watch videos. However, I really needed a teacher/mentor to help me along the path to know why, when, and how to use the materials.

Although I have taught almost 3 decades, I am finding Karen has some of the best answers for teaching questions I have ever heard. She is an excellent teacher. Being able to access the former student Q & A, ask questions, discuss lessons with her and others in my class, and have the 12 albums and many more resources has helped me form a more complete picture of the Montessori method. There is a paradigm shift that happens when the philosophy, knowledge, strategies, and materials are learned with guidance.

We are reading and discussion other titles, as well. NutureShock by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman was such a great read. (non-affiliate link) In the course syllabus you can see the book study titles that accompany the albums. We are reading books by and about Dr. Montessori, learning about the sensitive periods and why children absorb so much learning in specific subject areas at those time, and the need for beauty, order, and structure. Children are respected as capable people, but are not given total freedom. Follow the child is often quoted, but it means to teach them best.

What is the prize?

  • A full 12-month online certificate course (starting August 17, 2016) and a set of all 12 core KHT Montessori Teachers’ Albums from KHT Montessori. The course and albums have a retail value of $330. Additional course details can be found on the KHT Montessori website.

Who is eligible?

  • This is a worldwide giveaway open to anyone 18 and older.

How to enter:

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