Monarch Butterfly 3-part Cards Printable Free

Monarch butterfly 3-part-cards-Montessori free printableThis post has monarch butterfly life cycle cards and matching free printable activity. Did you know there is a map showing the monarch migration? This is the link for the 2016 map. Students can find their own state and keep track of when the butterflies might arrive, or see if they are already there. It is April and they have not made it to Minnesota as yet.

Our neighbor made this 10 minute video of the entire life-cycle of the Monarch. At the end of the video, his granddaughter releases a butterfly. He participated in University research studies which kept him quite busy in the summer collecting eggs and raising butterflies. 

Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis

Interesting fact! At this site, there are pictures to show children how to tell the difference between a boy and girl butterfly. The males have a dot on each back wing, while the females do not.


The 3-part cards include facts so they are appropriate for primary grade levels. For different ages and abilities of learners, use the cards as fits the child or classroom. Pre-K and K students could use the top two cards on each page for matching pictures and/or vocabulary words. Parents and teachers could read the words for the children. For older children, all four cards could be introduced at first. When the child has learned the material, just use the reading cards for review. Rereading is so wonderful for increasing oral reading fluency.Monarch Butterfly Monarch-butterfly-3-part-cards-caterpillar

These cards would also work with the Safari Ltd. monarch butterfly life-cycle figurines. 

Here is a wonderful free product on Teachers Pay Teachers by Gramma Elliott Clip Art, milkweed posters for your homeschool or classroom. Posters-of-Milkweed-Photos-Favorite-Plant-of-the-Monarch-ButterflySomeone in the Montessori on a Budget Facebook group asked if cards like this were available for free, so I thought I could make some. Spring has not fully sprung in Minnesota and butterfly thoughts are positive!

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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Carolyn Wilhelm is the author of The Wise Owl Factory site and blog. She has an MS in Gifted Education, an MA in Curriculum and Instruction K-12, and has completed the KHT Montessori 12 month program. She makes mostly free resources for teachers and parents.


  1. Victoria 05/02/2016 at 6:53 am

    I came across this when I was trying to get the butterfly letter and matching printable. I didn’t realize that was posted a year ago and maybe that’s why it doesn’t work. This is above what my little one is capable of right now but we can definitely still use it so I downloaded it anyway, it’s so beautiful. I want to do a Spring activity and your free printables are a blessing, thank you!

    • Carolyn Wilhelm 05/02/2016 at 8:16 am

      Victoria, there is a contact form if something doesn’t work. It sounds like you downloaded it though, so I hope you got it. I’ll check that post. The butterfly matching will part will work with younger children. Thank you for writing, Carolyn

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