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Minnesota Blogger Convention 2016 is a full-day educational conference for professional and hobbyist bloggers. Held on 10/15/16 in St. Paul, MN.

The Minnesota Blogger Convention 2016 is a full-day educational conference for professional and hobbyist bloggers. Held on 10/15/16 in St. Paul, MN. Also known as #mnblogcon it was full of wonderful speakers and attendees. The organizers are Jen Jamar and Mykl Roventine. It was held at Concordia University this year. The volunteer coordinator is Sara Fleetham.

Each year I have attended, Clockwork provided awesome notebooks for#mnblogcon attendees! Each year I have attended, Glimpses of Soul Photography took our photos for a very reasonable price. And every year there are new people to meet, of course.  The conference began in 2010 and I have attended three times.

Meeting Others

This year I finally met Frantic Mommy in person, after following her online for several years. She is a freelance writer, blogger and virtual assistant living in Northern Minnesota., is filled with laughter and love about the joys parenthood. She writes books, too, and is a Huffington Post contributor. I met her through the Multicultural Kids Book Day. I also met the author of Zazlandia! No bullies are allowed in Zazlandia, an undisclosed geographic location.

Pink Oatmeal was there, too, and we had also only met online previously. Chanda is a physical therapist, and blogger. She has many materials such as Yoga cards and printables that are helpful for teachers and homeschools, as well as physical therapy.

Speakers included:

Jennifer Kane, Larry Adamson, Jasmine Brett Stringer, Abbie Burgess, Sonal Gerten, Erica Hanna, Donna Hup, Devin Joubert, Brock Ray, Jason Rehmus, Ben Sailer, Michelle Scheuermann, Steve Slater, Bob Weiss, Ashley Zeckman, and Amy Zellmer. Steve Slater spoke about Google Analytics. Sound boring? Not when Steve presents the entire session with a Star Wars theme and his great sense of humor. Amy Zellmer wrote a book about her experience with traumatic brain injury only to inspire the rest of us.

The Resource Room Offered Help and Support

The Hennepin County Library team staffed our Resource Center with loads of helpful resources for bloggers. Cimbura knows WordPress, and they offered their time to help answer questions and troubleshoot blog issues.  MnSearch is a non-profit organization and during Resource Center hours, their team provided free one-on-one assistance for SEO questions. Verizon collected old cell phones and accessories at their sponsor table during the conference as part of their HopeLine domestic violence prevention initiative. All nice! The sponsors were numerous.

If you are a Minnesota Blogger you might enjoy this conference next year! I should have mentioned the ticket cost is very reasonable. There is an after conference party as well.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn