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Fun toy! I bought this non-digital, inexpensive mini microscope from GeoCentral that requires no software and works instantly with an iPhone, iPad, and other electronic devices to provide up to 30X magnification. This device can impress children instantly, and help them understand how things look very close up. Because you can see the image on your iPad or device, there is no squinting through a microscope and even very young children can do see the close-up images.

Older children can use this themselves. This helps children be learning when outdoors, also. Summer is a great time to try this manual device. It has to be aligned with your camera lens and turns on when clipped on the electronic device. If the device is in a case, the case may need to be removed, but it worked with my iPad case in place.

Mini Microscope

Mini Microscope for Phone or Tablet Camera

Although I have had this device since Christmas, I just thought of trying it today when Lynde’s Greenhouse and Nursery gave me some leaf and flower clippings. Why didn’t I try it before? It is so interesting to get a macro view of things without using an expensive camera and figuring out the settings, and then trying to show kids how to squint with one eye and view.

I really like how child-friendly this little device is, that it turns on when placed on the camera, and also turns off when removed. It is easy to slide off and on. Here are the clippings I looked at today.

magnifying-camera-activity (1)

First I looked at a leaf stem and vein. I had to move the camera around a little as it takes just a little time to see how to align the view. Just look at how large the vein seems under the microscope. close up of leave veins using the slide on microscope

Then, see the tiny flower by the arrow in the picture below?

small flower to focus on next with the microscope

This is how is looks using the microscope. Wow!

tiny flower magnified with clip on microscope

Here is the white petunia as viewed with the clip on for the camera. Kids want to try this themselves and will bring things like a blade of grass, a rock, a pine cone, and more to see the close-up views.

white petunia views with clip on microscope

How Does It Work?

Following is a YouTube video from GeoCentral demonstrating how the microscope works.

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Thank you so much for reading, Carolyn