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Meadowlands: A Wetlands Survival Story Free Work Page

Meadowlands, A Wetlands Survival Story

by Thomas F. Yezerski

This book has an amazing and true nonfiction story to really impress children and adults alike.In New Jersey, there are 20,000 acres of meadowlands that have been built over and polluted for the last four hundred years.  This book is the story of what happened and the information about the reclamation of some of this area.  Thomas F. Yezerski wrote and illustrated this beautiful book with dense informational text and pictures, yet it is a readable story.  The borders themselves provide some education as pictures of artifacts, birds, animals, and people are illustrated and named along the page edges.  A class is shown on a field trip to this area to demonstrate how children might be involved in such a project.  At the very end websites and books are recommended for further study.  The author’s note states the history of the Meadowlands begin around 12,000 B.C. E. when the Wisconsin Glacier retreated and formed Glacial Lake Hackensack, and more history is provided for the reader.

Amazing facts are included in this book such as that at one point mountains of garbage dumps and other problems left only 7,000 acres of wetlands.  Because the tide still rises north from the Atlantic ocean, and the Hackensack River flows south, the ecosystem had a chance to recover.  The book explains how nature helped heal itself, along with the efforts of humans.

My free PDF is very short as the book is so interesting and long that I think just a few questions will help children to remember some information.  They will enjoy looking at all the labeled pictures and larger illustrations and get so much out of this book. My Free PDF: The Meadowlands work page and answer key PDF

The Meadowlands free work page and answer keyHappy reading, Carolyn