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Plants, Flowers, Butterflies, Bees, and Bugs Freebies

This post has links to printables on the Wise Owl Factory site for nature and activities regarding plants, flowers, butterflies, bees, and bugs. Some are for literacy learning, some for science learning, and some are crafts and for active learning. You might like these resources. Red buttons denote free instant downloads at the links as

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Spring Learning Free Instant Download Resources

Spring resources for the classroom, homeschool, and summer learning retention are at the links provided below (click on the pictures). Most are to free instant downloads on this blog, and a few are in our free eMember area. Pink on the buttons mean free instant downloads. Green on the buttons mean they are in

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March Theme Graphing Activities Free PDF

March Theme Graphing Activities Free PDF This printable will open here.  It is an instant download.  Click on the next link for the free rainbow graphing for March printable. free-March-graphing-and-counting  printable PDF We used actual fish crackers, which is lots of fun of course. If you don't want to use food items, there are fish

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Penguin Freebies and DIY Anti-Bully Box

PENGUIN THEME PRINTABLES and DIY ANTI-BULLY BOX This post has a round-up of penguin theme freebies and a DIY idea to create an anti-bully box with easily found items to have on hand for when feelings are hurt. It also has links to several penguin theme free printables. A YouTube video helps explain the

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Fall for Learning about Relative Size

Relative size is a natural learning opportunity in the fall. The children are so enjoying the weather, the leaves, the pine cones, the pumpkins (still), and are wanting to bring the outdoors inside. Let them! The science table or even a box can hold all the treasures and the children will show you what

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Linear Calendar Activities with Recycled Calendars

Linear Calendar Activities with Recycled Calendars Previously we used recycled calendars for counting activities as well as worked with time the Montessori way. Because we just found even more old calendars we recently spent some more time observing them in a linear fashion. I Spy different months was one way of looking at the calendar cut

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Weather Calendars thru June 2020 for Students

Weather calendars through June 2020 for students are now available in our premium eMember area, on the math page. The calendars help students keep track of weather by making tallies for which type of weather happens each day, recording the number of school days, and making notes of events of particular interest to the classroom.

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