Math Measuring Story with Fraction Work Pages Free

This post has a math measuring story with fraction work pages free! Have you seen the Wise Owl Factory story, Super Spoons to the Rescue?  It is available on Amazon as a Kindle eBook and as a paperback. The book companion is available as a free instant download for free eMembers and for Premium members. This is a math measuring story and also has fractions posters, activities, and work pages with answer keys. Find the free printable instant download in our free level members page.


I wrote the story and made the work pages, and Teachers Clipart created all the artwork. She made the custom measuring spoons superheroes just for me, although she sells them in her store now. The spoons are ready to help neighbors bake cakes or measure other exact amounts, and they fly to the rescue when called.


The book companion includes coloring and work pages. This part of the book is in the free eMember and Premium area, as well. They would be difficult to use from the eBook so I’ve provided them on this site.


When a storm hits the town where the Spoons live, they help measure medicine at the hospital late into the night. They are always helping others.


Included are flash card pages both in color and black and white for printing options.


The next freebie is an instant download here.


Sometimes we have to engage students to help them understand there are real-world applications for the math we are teaching.  My first graders enjoyed this story so I hope other students will like it as well.  It could be used at school or at home for summer practice.


Teachers Clip Art product

Thank you so much for reading, Carolyn

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