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This page has free stories written by Lois Caswell who is everybody’s grandma! Need a grandma or a first person historical story to share? Now you have one full of stories to pass along to the generations. The stories are in two levels for both emergent and independent readers.  She has many experiences and dog stories that will interest and delight children. The stories open and may be downloaded right on this page.
Stories by Lois Caswell for chidlren

Lois Caswell has been writing stories for her grandchildren and is sharing them here for children everywhere. Sometimes students need a primary source story when a class studies things like one room school houses or other historical situations and events. We used to take children to the Edina Minnesota Historical Society’s one room schoolhouse, Cahill School. At Cahill, students experience a typical 1900’s day in a one-room schoolhouse. As part of this unit, children wrote letters to grandparents asking about the “olden days.” Of course, some students didn’t have a family member who could provide such information. With these stories, Lois provides children of today with olden-day stories with spirit and adventure. Some of the stories have been and are being incorporated as printable lessons for today. Lois hopes your children will enjoy the stories and activities.

Misty the Amazing Dog emergent reader printable PDF, download here or click on the photo below.free Misty-the-Amazing-Dog-emergent-reader PDF

Misty the Amazing Dog story for independent readers by Lois Caswell download at this link, or click on the photo below. Please scroll down for the emergent reader version. See also the full blog post with more information at this link.

free Misty-the-Amazing-Dog-story by Lois Caswell

The free Frog Day story and educational games will open at this link, or click on the photo below to download your copy. The single PDF has both the full version of the story as well as the emergent reader. See also the full blog post at this link.

Free Frog Day story by Lois Caswell, opens on the blog

This free baking story by Lois has a “wild” angel food story as well as a math game.  Please see the full blog post at this link.  Download the story and activities at this link, or click on the picture below to get the PDF. The single PDF has both the full version as well as the emergent reader version of this story.


The newest story is Threshing Day about the day Lois turned six and had to work on the farm all day.  It was “olden days” you know! Download your copy here, or click on the photo below.

free threshing-time-story-and-sorting-cards PDF

Lois is a prolific writer and has shared many more stories, so stay tuned!

Thank you for reading, Lois and Carolyn

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