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Linear Calendar Activities with Recycled Calendars

linear-calendar-for-the-rest-of-2017-thru-2018 free instant download

Previously we used recycled calendars for counting activities as well as worked with time the Montessori way. Because we just found even more old calendars we recently spent some more time observing them in a linear fashion. I Spy different months was one way of looking at the calendar cut apart, taped together, and set up as a circle. Can you spy your birthday month? Halloween? Winter? Spring? Yes, Miss Owl certainly could. We just used the photo side of the calendar and taped the pages together on the back. Sitting inside the whole year was fun! linear-calendar-in-a-circleIt was interesting to match seasonal objects to the different months as well. Family pictures could be matched to birthday months.

matching objects to calendar monthsOf course, the calendar may be set up in a linear fashion. Students could walk along the year naming the different months.
setting-up-the-linear-calendar-in-a-lineI made a free linear calendar printable for 2019. Next is a photo of one of the pages. Click on the link for the free instant download. I did want to print it out and take a photo but my color printer is giving me a headache! I’m sure you can figure out how to make use of this printable.