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Illustrated China Word Wall and Word Search FreebiesThis post has a free Ancient China word wall and word search. Welcome to our third annual Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month Blog Series and Giveaway. Follow along all month for ideas about sharing with kids the rich cultures of this vast and varied region. Also, be sure to enter the giveaway below and link up your posts on our main page. My adopted daughter is from Korea, and she is my motivation for participating in this event. This is post 1 of a three part series. Post 2 will be live May 18, and post 3 on May 19, 2016.

Each blogger in the blog hop has a unique post to share, so be sure to check them all out. There is a giveaway (scroll down) and also I made a free printable with China vocabulary cards and a word search.

Printable Chinese Vocabulary and Word Search



Classic Stories of China

I read three Classic Stories of China books from that series that my daughter brought to me from her recent trip to China.  Ancient Fables compiled by Wu Min, Folk Tales compiled by Wu Min, and Myths and Stories compiled by Cui Maxain and Song Dengyang. I did notice that Amazon sells these books so you won’t have to go to China if you are interested in reading them. These books are not for elementary school, but for older children, as the vocabulary is too difficult. One sentence reads, “He looked like a cross between a clown and a country magistrate.” The books are entertaining to read if you like to ponder such sentences.  A few selected stories could be read aloud to children, and there are color cartoon pictures in all the books.

Folk Tales compiled by Wu Min has a few stories that are familiar to me such as the ones that are like Romeo and Juliet, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and Hua Mulan Joining the Army (Mulan).  These stories would be good to compare and contrast with other versions for class discussions. Other stories are full of magical events and immortals!

Ancient Fables compiled by Wu Min has beautiful pictures, the best of these three books. These books aren’t comic books but have full color pages of drawings that help explain the stories. This book has dozens of very short stories (some as short as two paragraphs) and most of the read like brainteasers. The translations do not seem to be as good as the other books. The language is complex and this is certainly a book for secondary students.

Myths and Stories

The Myths and Stories compiled by Cui Maxain and Song Dengyang has very interesting stories and not ones that will seem familiar. They do somewhat reveal the attitudes and values of the people of China. They begin with the time heaven and earth were unified as an egg.

Story One: Pan Gu Creates the Universe—this is the story of how the physical universe came to be without any people. He slept for 18,000 years in an eggshell. He grew to be an amazing height to help separate heaven and earth. Before this story, there was no east and no west. Children like big numbers so this will help engage them in the story. Actually, all through all three books there are specific numbers mentioned, and many are large.

Story Two: Nu Wa Creates Humanity — After Pan Gu’s death, a great goddess emerged. She was a woman with the tail of a snake.  She makes creatures of clay and blows on them to give life. This story also explains why some people are rich and some are poor, which was interesting to me.  *Note: The illustrations are cartoons, but be aware that there are two very simple drawings where she has no top on, and resembles a mermaid. Just be forewarned so as not inadvertently reveal the pictures if not wanted. Sometimes I would put a rubber band around a few pages in a book such as an art book when reading aloud at school.

Story Three: Nu Wa Patches Up the Sky–There came to be an atrocious Emperor named Zhuan Xu. This could not be tolerated after Nu Wa had worked so hard to create humanity, so she had to patch up the sky.  Ever after, the sky has always inclined somewhat, the rivers flow towards the southeast, and there are rainbows.

Other stories in the book are equally as interesting, such as Kua Fu Pursues the Sun, Hou Yi Shoots down Nine Suns, Chang E Flying to the Moon, Jing WEi Fills up the Sea with Pebbles, The Yellow Emperor Fights Chi You, the Myth of Xing Tian, Shen Nong Tasts Hundreds of Herbs, Yu the Great Harnesses the Flood Waters, and Hou Tu Gong Moves Two High Mountains. The fables embody the way the world was understood in ancient times. They are food for thought and discussion!

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