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How We Hear Power Point Parts of Ear Free

How we hear is something many students do not understand. It is fun to have an “acting out the middle ear” lesson and discussion about this topic. Many schools have sound units for teaching about how we hear, the vibrations sounds make, and how the ear works. This PDF and Power Point are intended to supplement such learning.  The PDF has children wear signs that are labels for parts of the ear and they stand in a line, pass a message to the brain, and the brain “hears” the message.  The children will all want a turn to be the brain and thereby realize the ear collects sounds, but the brain actually hears them. Some of the messages are funny!

Begin by printing the signs and then asking for volunteers. Certainly someone wants to be the outer ear, ear canal, eardrum, hammer, and anvil. Oops, where is the hammer?

How We Hear Power Point Parts of Ear Free

From the ear canal, then to the eardrum, then the hammer!

how we hear

Continue asking for volunteers. Give the outer ear an envelope and have the children pass it down to the brain, wiggling as they pass it to resemble sound waves. Only the brain may open and read the message, as the brain interprets the sound waves the ear collects.


Wait! Everyone wants a turn to be the brain! Pass another message please.

Everyone wants a turn to be the brain

PPt Lesson Work Page PDF  (Power Point and PDF)

Free PDF directions-acting-out-ear PDF, opens here

Free SMART Board file and PDF, opens here

Free How We Hear Presentation

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