My class from BC Stack is now included in the premium eMember area on the Wise Owl Factory site. It was included as outlined below in an event the summer of 2016.

Have you wondered how to use Google Slides for presentations that are entirely online? I have just finished a course about doing just that for bloggers and people who market products online. This is a quick post to let you know that June 27 through July 1, 2016 it was available in BC Stack along with 64 other blogging products. This link will take you to the page where all the products are listed and explained. (affiliate link)

BC Stack is for people who blog and write online. Dan R Morris thinks it would be cool for homeschoolers too. There are tutorials on using Power Point for videos, how to write non fiction like a pro, other writing programs, ways to generate income. . . it’s a pretty cool education. It is $27 for over 2K of information. This is a fantastic learning opportunity that happens only once a year for 4 days.

How to Use Google Slides for Presentations

Using Google Slides for presentations with audience participation

What is included in my product for this event?

Page 2 Introduction
Page 5 Most Electronic Devices Allow Free Access to Google Slides for In-person & Online Presentations
Page 6 Free Apps for Google Drive Slides, Docs, & Sheets with Gmail Accounts
Page 7 Google Slides Compared to Power Point
Page 8 Importing Power Points to Google Slides & Instructions
Page 11 Start a New Google Slides File & Instructions
Page 15 How to Upload an entire Power Point to Google Slides
Page 18 Set the Page Size in Google Slides & Instructions
Page 20 Add Animations to Google Slides & Instructions
Page 22 Make a Custom Theme & Instructions
Page 25 Customize a Slide in Any Theme & Instructions
Page 27 Quickly Edit in Google Slides
Page 28 Allow Audience Questions During a Presentation & Instructions
Page 31 Share a Presentation or Retain Private File & Instructions
Page 34 Use Google Slides Collaboratively for Audience or Small Group Participation and Input & Instructions
Page 36 Share Handouts Electronically with Google Docs & Instructions
Page 38 Use Google Forms, Ideas & Instructions
Page 49 Add Social Media Buttons to Presentations
Page 50 Google Apps for Work Compared to Free Google Drive Notes
Page 52 Use Files Offline
Page 53 Edit a Google Slides File Instructions

There is one main PDF with most of the information required. Then, I have provided a Google Drive folder with some videos, more PDFs, and sample files. By reading and following the instructions you will be set to take your presentation on the road, gather emails, survey participants or students, and use electronic handouts avoiding printing costs. Teachers who work in several different buildings within a district might like this information, as well as people who make presentations. Google Drive is free up to 15 GB so no website, host, or URL is required which is very nice.

BC Stack has 65 products worth $2K for only $27 for four days only 2016

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

See my affiliate disclosure at this link. Thank you.

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