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How to Use Canva Free to Resize from Twitter to Pinterest

It may appear only paid accounts in Canva will resize images using the same elements from any size to another size. This post is about resizing from Twitter to Pinterest. In general, this is what to do to resize in Canva free accounts. Really! See my previous post about using Canva free to create a Twitter sharing image for a post first for information on how to get started and create the first image. There is step-by-step information as well as a YouTube video of getting started.

I used my husband’s free account to demonstrate, although I do have a pro account. There is an extra step in free accounts, but it works.

  1. So, first log in, and select the image you wish to resize. I am selecting one about a book, Into the Deep.

select an image to resize such as a Twitter image

2. Select all. Copy (do not paste yet). Select all by dragging the cursor over the entire design and capture all elements. The background often will not capture, however. Then, using your keyboard, copy. On my PC I use control-C.


3. Here is the trick. Do not click resize. Click file. If you click resize, Canva will offer you a pro plan but it will not resize for free.


4.Select file and create a new design. 4-select-file-create-new-design

5. This menu will pop up but it will not say Pinterest, even if you scroll.

select a size

6. Type in Pinterest and the Pinterest options will pop up. Select pin.


7. Then, a blank Pinterest pin perfectly sized for pinning to a Pinterest board appears.


8. Now, paste the contents of the first image on this shape. It will look terrible, but wait. It looks terrible in the pro version, too.


9. Arrange the elements where you want them. You have to do this to use a horizontal format to change it to a vertical one. The background didn’t transfer so a new one is needed. Anyway, it is good to use some variety on sharing images so they don’t all look the same.


10. Then, add a new background. Something similar will help the font colors show up as they should. It might be a free photo from the photo area, too, that is pulled to fit the entire screen and arranged to the back.


11. I selected a similar background and changed the font to white. The design gets the point across.


12. The image may be shared directly to Pinterest. Scheduling requires the pro plan, but it will share on the free plan.


I hope this helps some readers!

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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How to Use Canva Free to Resize from Twitter to Pinterest