How to Get Involved in MCBD 2018: This post is about how different ways to get involved in the annual Multicultural Children’s Book Day Event for 2018. After many years of participation and creating free printables (such as many of the freebies on this multicultural page) for books included in this program, I have decided to become a co-host this year.  Authors have asked me how to get their books included, teachers have asked if they really do get free books, and people wonder about this program in general. It is a huge event! Authors, see the link and information below to get your books included. Teachers, yes, you really can get free books for your classroom. Bloggers can get free books, too, by signing up to write blog posts. This is a reliable, tried, and tested event and wonderful program.

Sign ups are open for both book reviewers and book donators for 2018. The free Classroom Empathy Kit for 2018 has been launched. Below please see links and additional information for participation at different levels.

This year’s CoHosts List is HERE.

A Multicultural Children’s Book Day ebook

How to Get Involved in Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2018 (for a WEEK!) #ReadYourWorld

As you may know, Multicultural Children’s Book Day (MCCBD) is a non-profit that works with authors to get their books reviewed during our online event and also works to get free diversity children’s books into the hands of young readers.

Authors and Publishers-Donate Your Diverse Children’s Books Here! #ReadYourWorld

Authors and publishers donate books for the 2018 Multicultural Book Day

New Diverse Kids’ Books to Consider (October 6, 2017) #ReadYourWorld from


MCBD 2018

Diverse Children’s Book Reviewers Get a Free Book for #MCBD2018 #ReadYourWorld

MCBD2018’s FREE Classroom Empathy Kit is Here! #Empathy #Immigration

 How to Get Involved in MCBD 2018
Thank you for reading! Join in fun and learning if you possibly are able to do so!