Moon? When is the moon out? Most children age six and under know it is out at night! And they might argue even when looking at the moon in the daytime sky. Hmmm, something isn’t quite right. Many children have firm opinions on this subject and think the sun is out during the day, the moon at night, and please don’t try to convince them otherwise. FOSS Science Kits for Grade 1 have a lesson teaching about the moon and that it is often visible during the day. But first graders might have a difficult time believing such nonsense! There is homework related to this topic but often families are too busy to take the time to complete it. This is an important concept for children.

Help Children Realize the Moon Can Be Out in Daytime

Help Children Realize the Moon Can Be Out in Daytime


“On average, the moon is above the horizon for 12 hours a day. Some of those 12 hours are bound to coincide with the sun’s—producing a daytime moon.”

Children find a picture such as this one showing the moon at night to be correct.

the moon at night

And the sun is just supposed to be out during the day, of course! Correct again.

the sun is out during the day

So, is the sun only out during the day?

is the sun ever out at night

What about the moon, is it ever out during daytime?

the moon can be visible during the day

Actually, the daytime moon has been called the “children’s moon” as their eyes are sharp enough to be able to see it!

moon in blue sky

Help children observe and appreciate nature, the sun, the moon, and the realization that the sun and moon can be out at different times. Your first grade science teacher will thank you! And you will enjoy being in nature with the children.


Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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