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What a nice professionally narrated guided reading site beginning with letter identifcation, letter sounds, and on through level P reading. This site has no flashing lights or loud sounds. The voice is off until the sound button is pushed, so there is no automatic speaking at all. Simple, clear, clean, and user friendly. free-literacy-site-through-June-2020-with-guided-reading-letter-sounds-and-numbers-thru-20

Teachers may set a class roster so students may login in the upper left hand corner.This is not the first screen that would appear, however. Add-Student-to-Inclined-to-Learn-to-create-and-Submit-Roster


Here are some of the links within the site, and notice there is a teacher’s corner. That is where class rosters and information is found.


See the Kid’s login in the upper left hand corner of the home page.


Guided Reading Video

This video explains how to use the site.


The first screen a user sees is this very clear home page. I like how simple it is while focusing on exactly what services it provides. There is a separate Kid’s login and one for teachers and parents. The usual prices are visible on the signup page, while at this time of Covid 19, access is free.


The parent instructions are printable, which is very nice so teachers do not have to create their own instructions for site use. Homeschool teachers could just read the information online.


Teachers or parents simply highlight which assessments students should access. The yellow highlights work and save quickly. This site is to streamlined, it is a pleasure to use.

Upper and lower case letter identification, letter sounds, numbers through 20 are all part of the site, as well.


Here are two rows of assessment buttons. This is easy for children and adults to understand and use.


This is a sample story at level I/J. There are many stories at each level. The stories are interesting and informative while providing leveled reading practice.


This is a sample story at level M/N. Notice the sound button on the left, above the story. Clicking this allow the child to hear the story read aloud.


This is how the assessment component of the site works. Even kindergartners can do this themselves!


I hope some teachers and parents find this helpful information. The site is so nice, and offers the practice children need.

Thank  you for reading, Carolyn

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