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This post has a free greater than, less than, and equals printable with color and black/white printing options. Just select the pages you want to print for your math centers or tray activities. Be sure to also teach children to say “greater than” not the big side of the mouth points to the bigger number.  Many children will look at the greater than and less than signs without learning the terms, so practice reading the math problems aloud with the students.


In this picture below, the glass beads have been added to the object cards. Buttons could also be used.
Someone in the Montessori on a Budget group on Facebook asked a question about how to reuse a tray left over from a Melissa and Doug stamping product. So I thought about it and realized that greater than, less than, and equals activities cards could be used with the tray.

Greater Than, Less Than, Equals
I asked the measurements of the box as I didn’t have one and learned it is fairly small.  So I made number cards, object cards and <, >, and = cards to fit. However, these cards could be used with trays and bowls or other containers.

Greater Than, Less Than, Equals

Here is the free PDF, just click on this link or the photo below to join our free eMember area on this site and gain access to this and dozens of other resources.

free printable for Greater-than-less-than-equals-activity-cards
I was able to get the very same tray to try out the cards.  It worked with the cards and also with objects.
Greater Than, Less Than, Equals
 This was the picture posted in the group:tray-for-greater-than-less-than-equals
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