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Facts About the Simple Steps to Sentence Sense Series

Grammar workbooks by Charlene Tess can be so helpful in the K-12 classroom. Has it been a long time since you sat through English 101 in college? Do you need help with analyzing English sentences? Maybe you are just learning English for the first time, or you are taking a foreign language that requires you to know sentence structure. Whatever the reason, if you feel a little uncomfortable about analyzing the structure of an English sentence or about writing well-constructed sentences of your own, I can help you. Grammar is my specialty. I have always loved taking sentences apart and putting them back together, and I taught my students how to do if for over three decades.
If you need help (or your students, children, or grandchildren do), I have exactly what you need. My series of books can help you identify the parts of the English sentence and write well-constructed sentences on your own. Choose the ebook that you would find most helpful and start studying grammar the easy way. All the ebooks in the series are in pdf format, and you will have them as an instant download on your desktop in moments.

Here’s what teachers are saying about Simple Steps to Sentence Sense:

 On . .

 “I have used this book for two years and it is amazing to see how well the students learn and enjoy it. My students always tell me how they will never forget how to locate prepositions or direct objects! Each year the students have gotten further in the steps, and they find it less difficult to learn. Out of the two years that I’ve used this book, I have not had one student to complain when it was time to work on grammar. It actually gives them more confidence and builds their grammar skills. . . .Everyone should use this book to teach grammar!”

 Reviewed by Brenda Jacks  


“You are right…the kids see grammar as “easy stuff” because you break down the analysis so well. Their improved grammar knowledge transforms into their process writing: their revision and editing TAKS scores are markedly improved with this practice. Even though you are from Texas and know the high stakes testing concerns that we face, the SAM sheet makes the students’ writing much clearer and more concise.” Reviewed by Genia Goulet*****************************************On . .

“Wonderful product. My students were actually excited about doing grammar.”

  “I have been looking for an effective approach to teaching grammar to my high school English classes. Teaching grammar and teaching grammar effectively are two different things. Having only read through the first few pages of this workbook, I am already excited to bring it into the classroom. For any teachers looking for a good method of teaching sentence structure and grammar – this is what you want! Not only is it a good tool for students, but it also makes me more comfortable teaching the subject. Thanks!”

 “Best grammar teaching tool around. Couldn’t live without it.”

 “An outstanding resource!”

 “I have used your Simple Steps to Sentence Sense in my classroom for the past two years.  I find that the straightforward approach and a minimal number of steps is an excellent way to review grammar with high school students.”  — Jennifer Carter

  This is the only book I use to teach parts of a sentence. I love it.

 “I’m a teacher in a language school. Anyway, this book is absolutely useful for my class where I’ve been teaching sentence structure. Even Oxford books can’t write a book to cover this important English content. Thank you again. I’m sure more and more teachers will know how your book is well written.” Helen Lace

Grammar Workbooks by Charlene Tess

Elementary Grammar Workbooks Middle School Grammar Workbooks High School Grammar Workbooks
 Simple-Steps-to-Sentence-Sense-for-Elementary-Grades-and-ESL-Students, cover photo  v
 Grammar Workbooks by Charlene Tess
A Full Set of the Exercises and Tests in the Middle School WorkbookSimple-Steps-to-Sentence-Sense-Packet-of-New-Practice-Exercises
 A Grammar Handbook (without exercises)Simple-Steps-to-Sentence-Analysis
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