Grades 3, 4, 5, and 6 free literacy guides, free book supplement work pages, and answer keys.

Mystery at the Christmas Market by Diller Free Vocabulary PDF

This post is about the Mystery at the Christmas Market which is a Pack-n-Go Girls book. The girls in this series travel to many countries. This is the 3rd book set in Austria, and it is Christmas time at that. While all the family and visitors gather and have a wonderful holiday which includes skiing,

  • German and English Basic Words 3-Part Cards Freebie

Multicultural Children’s Book Day Book Review and Free German Words PDF

It is the 4th annual non-profit Multicultural Children’s Book Day! The official day is January 27, 2017. Hundreds of bloggers and sponsors are involved in this event. The books I read were from the Pack-n-Go Girls and are set in Austria. The author is @JanelleDiller and the publisher is @PacknGoGirls. The book I will review for this book

  • 109-page-sudoku-vertebrates-puzzles

Vertebrates Sudoku Puzzles for Premium eMembers

Vertebrates Sudoku Animal Picture Puzzles 4X4 6X6 8X8 and 9X9 Click here to see another blog post with several photos of the product in use, along with more information about these materials. This product has supportive Sudoku picture puzzles with the subject vertebrate animals. Children like puzzles and animals, so these are engaging to children.

  • Frankie-on-the-High-Seas-work-pgs

Work Pages PDF for Frankie and the High Seas Heist Free

Do you have students who enjoy creative writing and word work? Julie Anne Grasso has written another great book for ages 8-12, this time featuring a mystery involving chocolate and a cruise to Antarctica. Yes, really, a cruise to Antarctica. A previous blog post had links to free interactive Google Slides  activity for students to accompany

  • Japan-classroom-bingo-game-and-activities

Japan Bingo Game for Grades K-4 Free PDF

This is post 2 of three I'm writing for Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month. Please see post one for the giveaway and blog hop information. Check back for post 3 on May 19, 2016. Many thanks to Castleview Academy for advice regarding the free printable for this post, as the author of that blog has lived in Japan. Great

Google Slides for the Classroom Free

Google Slide free activities. Most have interactive slides. This is a link to my post about using Google Slides from this blog if you are newer to paperless classrooms. These resources may be used at school or in homeschools with learners. This link is to a blog post with interactive slides for counting by 5’s around the clock.

  • Dragon-art-ideas.-and-coloring-pages

Horned Chinese Dragon Art Ideas and Free Coloring Pages

Horned Chinese Dragon art ideas!  This is the fourth week of the “How i Safari” Safari Ltd. promotion and this week They sent me a Horned Chinese Dragon (non-affiliate link). The Horned Chinese Dragon is typically seen for New Year festivities. Both Dragons and the color red are considered to bring good luck. The dragon is thought to bring rain, also. This

  • free-Google-Slides-and-PDF-Tutankhamen-Speaks-by-Cheryl-Carpinello

Tutankhamen Speaks by Carpinello Review and Free Student PDF

Tutankhamen Speaks was written by Cheryl Carpinello. This is a prequel to her Quest Books Companion to Sons of the Sphinx novel. Previously, I made freebies for other books by Cheryl Carpinello such as Guinevere, On the Eve of Legend at this blog post, and Young Knights of the Round Table: The King’s Ransom at this blog post. For Tutankhamen

  • free Case-of-the-Protrait-Vandal-student-work-pages

The Case of the Portrait Vandal Freebie Supplement

This post is for the book The Case of the Portrait Vandal and it includes a free teaching supplement. This book is the in Museum Mysteries series by Stone Arch books and was written by Steve Brezenoff. I like the full color photos included as well as the glossary, nonfiction facts, information about history, discussion

  • Case-of-the-Missing-Museum-Archives

The Case of the Missing Museum Archives by Brezenoff Free Student PDF

This is the Multicultural Children’s Book Day post 5 for the fifth of six books I received from Stone Arch Books by Capstone Young Readers. January 27, 2016 is the official day for Multicultural Children’s Book Day.  Please also see post one, post two, post three, and post four, and post six. To learn more about

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