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Gem Graphing Smart Board File Freebie

This post has a free gem graphing SMART Board file freebie and PDF. Do you think your students would like gem graphing? This post has a short review of Agate: What Good is a Moose, a story of a moose who has a poor opinion of himself and does not feel special because of his (moose) characteristics. Especially his color brown! He does not feel useful or beautiful, just plain old brown.   All of his friends are named for beautiful gems, and he does not know an agate is such a beautiful stone, too.  The watercolor pictures in this book will inspire little painters to want to paint, and rock collectors to go on rock hunts.  Readers will learn about birthstones and true inner beauty through this story.  This is a story to help any child feel special!

Gem Graphing Smart Board File

The graphing slides and pages may be used independently of the book. Gem Graphing Smart Board File

See my FREE Power Point,  PDF student pages, and SMART BOARD LESSON

To use these resources without the suggested text, perhaps show pictures of birthday gems or a different book that shows rocks for birth months. The children may even share such ideas at show and tell time or when someone has a new ring.  This would provide an opportunity to sneak in some graphing!
Thank you for reading, Carolyn