Freebie for LENGTH by Henry Pluckrose


by Henry Pluckrose

My FREE PDF work page is on both Length and Capacity from the Math Counts Series:  Capacity and Length work page and key FREE PDF

Link to my blog entry for CAPACITY by H. Pluckrose

The Math Counts Series with picture books illustrating math vocabulary words is priceless for helping young children understand background information they need for math class. Before I blogged about the book Capacity, and this time I’m writing about the book Length.  My free PDF work page is for both books, as children have to check if a picture is of capacity or length.

The Length book has many picture of how long something is, such as yarn, a truck, a swimming pool, a racetrack and a highway.  Also, length includes how high something is, so the book has photos to help illustrate height including a child being measured, a mountain, an airplane, and some plants.  The idea that long and tall are both length can be confusing to children so I did not differentiate that on my work page.

Any book to help build math vocabulary should be read to young children to help prepare them for math concepts.  The Math Counts series is excellent for this purpose.

Freebie for LENGTH by Henry Pluckrose
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