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Freebie for Antler, Bear, Canoe: a Northwoods Alphabet

Written and illustrated by Betsy Bowen

Free pocket chart cards for words a to z, the months of the year, a writing project, and rubrics.

Antler, Bear, Canoe a Northwoods Alphabet Year by Betsy BowenAntler, Bear, Canoe is a wonderful alphabet book.  Each letter of the alphabet is also assigned to a month of the year, both going in order.  Betsy Bowen wrote and illustrated this book.  She used woodcuts to print the colorful illustrations.  This book is an entire year of what living in the Northwoods is like.  Parents and grandparents alike will enjoy reading this book to children. Betsy Bowen lives in Grand Marais, MN. If you like to camp, enjoy the woods, and outdoors activities, this book will be fun to use with students or your children.  I think this story is actually in some basal reader programs, also.  On this blog, I have posted about other books written and/or illustrated by Betsy Bowen, such as BIG, BELCHING BOG. Visitors to Grand Marais, MN, are able to see Betsy’s art studio and printing press at her workshop and store.


There are 24 pages of the Northwoods Alphabet Year pocket chart cards. The words correspond to the book and show events during a year up north. Additional illustrated words are included in the printable.


Then, children are invited to make a “through my year” alphabet book themselves. There are pages with lines for writing, and the same pages have space for drawing for emergent writers.

Freebie for Antler, Bear, Canoe: a Northwoods Alphabet

Writing rubrics for students and for teachers is also included. This is the teacher version.

Freebie for Antler, Bear, Canoe: a Northwoods Alphabet

There is a CD of music which accompanies the book, with a similar title:  ANTLER, BEAR, KAZOO.

Happy reading, Carolyn

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