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The Encyclopedia of Horses and Ponies

The Encyclopedia of Horses and Ponies

by Tamsin Pickeral

Our First Pony by Marguerite Henry

Do you have a horse lover at your house? We always had to have horse story books around for our horse lover. The Encyclopedia of Horses and Ponies by Tamsin Pickeral usually has an affordable price (especially used), and reads like a Book of World Records to horse loving children. They maybe can’t read all the words but they can figure out names of horses and so much more due to high motivation and some prior knowledge. It is very fun just to look through and good for many ages! It is large and looks important which children also find appealing.

OOur First Ponyur First Pony by Marguerite Henry is an old-fashioned farm story where the children all earn money, do work on the farm, learn about a horse that has twin colts, build a box stall with supplies they purchase themselves, and even pray. Times have changed so much since when children had lives like the ones described in this story. Joseph feels his social life would improve if he just had a pony. His other farm animals just aren’t ponies. He wants his pony to win in a Pet Show, but that does not happen. The free pony he gets is a little fat, but later gives birth to two colts. The tiny colt is not breathing at first, and the family works together to help her live.

another licensed graphicThis is a true story of siblings getting along, looking up to adults (who are addressed Mr. or Mrs. or Dr.), and even get to miss school for the educational opportunity of learning some animal husbandry on the farm. They get to miss not just a day of school but a few weeks!  *NOTE:  When the horse earns a pink ribbon, the ribbon color is called “sissy.”

Free Story Elements Work Page for Our First Pony

Our First Pony work page and answer key 4-page PDF and Farm coloring pages 4 page PDF for this entry, see some pictures of the pages, below:


Our First Pony work page and answer key