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Kindergarten Day China and USA

by Trish Marx and Ellen B. Senisi

Kindergarten Day China and USA is a flip over book that becomes: Kindergarten Day USA and China

Kindergarten Day USA and ChinaThis book is two books in one, in a way.  In the middle of the book, all the pages are suddenly upside down.  So, then it is supposed to be flipped over and you see a second front cover.  The book can be read either way, USA day first, or China day first.  So much fun!

photo of page one of the PDFBasically, this book is about the daily schedule for a kindergarten class, and the schedule is the same for another kindergarten half a world away!  Both classes in the USA and China have the same schedule, except that one class is sleeping while the other is at school.

So my FREE PDF is an AM/PM schedule of the school day and sleeping time.  Printed once, all the teacher has to do is switch the heading from CHINA to USA to show a class that they sleep while the other class is at school.

Printed twice, more time comparisons can be discussed. Kindergarten Day USA and China chart and pocket chart cards FREE PDF (today’s free PDF is not a worksheet for children and is a teacher resource)

Free Printable for Kindergarten in China and USA

Below are some photos of this 7 page PDF.Kindergarten Day China and USA

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