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This post has a Henry and Mudge books free printable. Here I am writing about more Cynthia Rylant books, and I have more free printables.  Hey, I could have an entire blog about her books.  She writes for all ages.  Anyway, these books are easy readers for children, but also merit status as read-alouds.  The books are fun and also have some sort of learning experience.

Henry and Mudge the First BookIn Henry and Mudge, the First Book, the relationship between Henry and Mudge is established.  This is the first in a series about an only child and his huge best friend, a mastiff named Mudge.

Henry and Mudge Take the Big TestIn Henry and Mudge Take the Big Test, it is Mudge who takes a dog obedience training test.  Children hear the word test and assume this book is about a test for Henry.

The Henry and Mudge series help provide interesting beginning reader text, and yet offer predictable stories with supportive pictures.  Yes, young children MAY look at the pictures. Good readers use pictures, text, and thinking about what makes sense when reading.

Here is a series for boys (and of course girls).  Boys may not always want to read, and this subject matter (dogs) encourages interest in stories. The stories are somewhat adventurous.  I love any Cynthia Rylant books!

Free Printable for Henry and Mudge Books

Henry and Mudge, the First Book

Henry and Mudge Take the Big Test

Henry and Mudge Books Free Printable

Books by Cynthia Rylant

Free Work-Pages-for-Henry-and-Mudge-Henry-and-Mudge-Take-the-Big-Test

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