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Free Printable for This is Rome by M. Sasek

This post has a free printable for This is Rome by Miroslav Sasek, as well as short book review.

Free Printable for This is Rome by M. SasekFree Printable for This is Rome by M. Sasek

This is Rome from 1960 has been reprinted in all of the following years: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011!  I have watched so many Rick Steve’s travel programs I heard his voice while I was reading the book.  M. Sasek has many books that could be used by families who travel to different countries, and a few books like This is the Way to the Moon.  The series has many excellent books.  This book could be used as an easy travel guide even for teens, while it is also a picture book for children.  A few of these books have been made into children’s movies.

Vatican City, Saint Peter’s Square, Trevi Fountain, the Parthenon, the Colosseum, and highlights of Rome are all covered in this book with hand-drawn pictures and child-friendly writing.  You can put your hand in the Mouth of Truth, and it will be bitten off if you have told a lie!  Tossing a coin in Trevi Fountain over your shoulder facing away will insure your return trip to Rome.  This is an actual travel guide suitable for children and a wonderful way to remember a trip, as well.

My free PDF for today is for the book Rome by the Numbers. It would be possible to fill out the work pages with other books such as encyclopedias and books about Italy if that book is unavailable.

Click on these words to download your free instant download here, or click on the photo below.

Free Printable for This is Rome by M. Sasek

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