Free Printable for The Runaway Bunny

This post has a free printable for The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown. The book illustrations were created by Clement Hurd.

free-landforms-book-companion-Runaway-BunnyThis free printable for The Runaway Bunny has a focus on landforms. The little bunny in this story with mother and child rabbit characters wants to runaway and see the world.  Sometimes little children get this same idea and might think they can go live at another house or with grandma, or go someplace on their own that is not realistic.  “I’m running away!” lasts about 10 minutes, of course.

In this story, little bunny tells where he is going, and mama always responds by saying she will find him and love him wherever he will go.  It is a story of unconditional love.

This can become a little game for a child either with anxiety or wanting to test the limits of a parent’s love.  When the child says he or she wants to be someplace far away or alone, the parent can answer the same way mother rabbit answers in this story.  No matter where the child goes, mother will love the and find the child.

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I thought about the settings in this story and how adventurous the little bunny seems to be, so I made some free work pages and pocket chart cards for landforms.

Free Printable for The Runaway Bunny

This story helped reassure my adopted daughter I would never leave her.  She wanted this read many times!

Happy Reading!  Carolyn

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