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Free Printable for Night Cat by Beames

Night Cat Cover PhotoThis post has a free printable for Night Cat by Margaret Beames, and illustrated by Sue Hitchcock. The printable includes sequencing as well as writing frames.

Night Cat is about Oliver who is a character in other books by Margaret Beames. This story is from the point of view of the cat although it is written in the third person. Oliver thinks it would be a beautiful night to stay outside, not realizing it will rain later. His owner, Mrs. Bundy, calls for him to come inside and warns she will be falling asleep soon. Oliver hides from her thinking the night will be pleasant. He first eats some moths (crunch, crunch) and finds other interesting night creatures. Some of his encounters in the night are boring while others are frightening, such as the owl. The owl is only after a mouse but Oliver is afraid.  Finally, it begins to pour and Oliver meows so loudly that Mrs. Bundy lets the naughty cat back in, although she is not really mad. On the last page Oliver says he wasn’t really afraid outside, and just thought Mrs. Bundy would be lonely without him. Ask the children what they think about that page, do they know better?

The sound words in the story are examples of Onomatopoeia, or words from sound associations. Crunch, ow, yeow, plop, and meow are words highlighted in the story that adults reading aloud could emphasize to help make the reading session fun. The children could join in upon a second or third reading, also.

My free PDF today is first a sequencing page (with an answer key), and also asks the students to write eight words from the story. Then, there are different covers for a similar writing piece that children could select from:  Night Cow, Night Dog, Night Horse, and Night Dragon. There are 2 open-ended writing pages. For children who have not learned how to end a story, there is an optional last page that says it begins to rain. Independent writers could illustrate and write their own endings.

Click on these words for the free PDF

Free Printable for Night Cat by BeamesThanks for reading, Carolyn