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Free Printable for Minnie and Moo and the Thanksgiving Tree

Minnie and Moo and the Thanksgiving Tree is a fun story for when holiday stress begins to cause low behavior chemistries in class.

by Denys Cazet

The Minnie and Moo series has silly humor and talking animals, which delights some children very much.  Minnie and Moo are cows who get in all sorts of predicaments, and by the end of the story everything has worked out.  In this story not only the turkey hides from the farmer up in a tree, but all sorts of other animals do, too.  After all, if the farmer can’t find the turkey, which animal might be next?  And the farmer and his family eat tofu under the same tree which leads to more hilarious events. This book is level L in guided reading.

One page is a math problem for children to sequence the animals in order of how they disappeared and hid in the tree. The answer key page reveals the answer to the teacher. It is silly to think of all those animals in the tree. Hilarious to the children!


My FREE 7 page PDF instant download here: Minne and Moo and the Thanksgiving Tree work pages and key

One page is for children to find how many legs in the farmyard math problem for children to work out. Some animals have 4 legs, some have two. Workspace is provided.


There is a circle the answers page for advanced readers, also.


Happy reading, Carolyn

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