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Make Way for DucklingsMake Way For Ducklings

by Robert McCloskey

Make Way for Ducklings is a familiar story and one of my most favorites ever.  A duck family is trying to get to a safe place with the ducklings, and the policeman stops traffic to allow them to cross the road.

We are noticing pairs of Mallard Ducks all around our ponds and neighborhood now.  This YouTube video is just over a minute and has some lovely close-ups of Mallard Ducks.

I have heard the term “nature deficit” being used in regard to children of today.  We must take time to stop and smell the flowers, or a few minutes to watch the ducks.

free printable Free Printable for Make Way For Ducklings

Neighborhood Mallard Ducks

Free Printable for Make Way For Ducklings

This free printable includes pocket chart cards, free work page, and an answer key.

Free Printable for Make Way For Ducklings

Thank you for reading, Carolyn