Free Printable for I Went Walking by Sue Williams

I Went Walking

by Sue Williams, illustrated by Julie Vivas

I Went Walking is a story with repetitive and predictable lines, and so is a favorite of young children and those just learning to read.  Children are able to “read” the book along with a teacher or parent, and this first venture into the world of reading is thrilling.

When children approximate learning, they will soon know how to do whatever is being learned.  Of course, this means if they are in a sensitive period for the learning.  Lessons should never be forced on children. This is a book frequently included in kindergarten and first grade classroom libraries, and so is very short.  A child goes walking and sees six different animals, each a different color.  The sight words should be memorized, and soon after color words should be introduced.

This is an example of a book where we don’t really expect the child to read the words of the animal names.  First grade teachers expect a child to look at the picture for help at a beginning reading level.  Really.  The fluency of reading, the mimicking of reading, and one-to-one word correspondence is background is being built.

Look for reading skills

This type of book does build reading skills.  Does the child hold the book the right way?  Turn the page when appropriate?  Say approximately what the words say?  See some humor or entertainment value in reading or this particular story?  Perhaps point to words he or she doesn’t know?  If so, the child is ready to learn to read, although maybe just saying what he or she thinks the book is saying.  All of those skills are important for children to have.

If you read enough to a young child, he or she will pick up many pre-reading skills very naturally and easily.   By reading aloud, you are helping the child to be a wonderful learner in school.

Free Printable for I Went Walking by Sue Williams

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