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This post has a free printable for Hummingbirds by Zoobooks.

Hummingbirds captivate children and adults alike due to their amazing skill in flying, small size, and great distances they are capable of flying when they migrate.  They are colorful, interesting, and not afraid of people.  In fact, they will fly right up to some people and seem to be curious about us, too.  Because of a lack of fear of humans, hummingbirds live in the city and the country alike, so almost everyone has at least seen one or more of these tiny birds.

Did you know a hummingbird weighs about the same as a penny, and the two eggs for a usual brood would fit on a penny?  The Zoobooks site says, “These feisty little birds will even attack eagles if their babies are in danger!”

Zoobooks have such interesting information, so for the nonfiction reader at your house, this series is perfect.  Online, there are games and activities as well!  They have a wide variety of publications on a wide variety of birds and animals.

Printable for Hummingbirds Zoobooks

This is my FREE PDF 5 page student and teacher answer key pages for:  Hummingbirds PDF


Here is one of my photos of a hummingbird at our feeder in Grand Marais, MN:

photo of hummingbird hovering over feeder

Happy reading, Carolyn