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Free Printable for History’s Witches (Not) Book

This post has a free printable for History’s Witches, a book by Lisa Graves. Did you know these wonderful women were accused of witchcraft during their lives?

History's-Witches, of course not really they were good womenEleanor of Aquitaine, Saint Catherine of Siena, Joan of Arc, Agnes Bernauer, and Joan of Navarre and Queen of England were all accused of witchcraft.  Other such figures are also described in the book. They were only human, stood up for causes, or worked for their beliefs. They were of course, good people!

You will recognize many famous names in this book and none were actually witches at all. This is a good educational read at Halloween as the topic will engage upper grade readers and yet be historically accurate.  The free work pages do not actually require this book, and other text resources could be consulted for information.  Answer key provided.

Free Printable for History's Witches Book


Thank you for reading, Carolyn