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Free Printable for GATHERING: A Northwoods Counting Book

Gathering:  A Northwoods Counting Book

Written and illustrated by Betsy Bowen

Gathering -A-Northwoods- Counting- Book- by- Betsy- BowenThis book begins with May when it is still cold in the Northwoods, and continues through December.  It is the story of how summer days in the north are savored and appreciated as the people prepare for winter.  Many children have thoughts like these, but more to enjoy summer days in preparation for school days, and so they will relate to the sentence:  “Summer is the time . . . to collect lots of warm memories to make it through the long, cold winter.”  Surely people everywhere there are cold winters can understand such thoughts.

Gathering work page and key long vowels FREE (student and teacher pages)
This book is interesting in that it begins with a ZERO page, framing the story of anticipation of winter days of zero degrees.  It has two May pages, one June page, one July page, one August page, two September pages, two October pages, two November pages, one December pages, and ends with an all day long page.  These months seem to be the important months in the lives of children, also, the love of summer and fall activities and holidays.   Some children might like to construct flow charts or write stories of their yearly thoughts, giving some months more importance than others.  This book offers many interesting discussion possibilities with higher level thinking regarding the idea of the calendar year and ways to consider the months.

Happy reading, CarolynGathering work page for long vowels and answer key, some thinking questions, drawing page, free