Free Printable for Froggy Goes to Hawaii

Free Printable for Froggy Goes to Hawaii

This post has a free printable for Froggy Goes to Hawaii by Jonathan London, and illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz.

Froggy Goes to Hawaii book cover photoFroggy Goes to Hawaii is a story of an exciting family trip.  Froggy gets in the Taxi to leave while still in his pajamas because he is thinking of the fun he is going to have in Hawaii.  He forgets his most basic clothing need for the trip, his bathing suit. He falls on his face in the airport line, which doesn’t seem to bother him at all.  In Hawaii, of course, he almost falls in the hot lava near the volcano and almost falls into a waterfall, but is rescued by his parents.  Froggy leaps without thinking during the entire trip which makes it an adventure story.

This book has onomatopoeia as so many sound association words are incorporated into the text.  When Froggy walks (flop, flop), and falls (oof!), gets hit on the head by a coconut falling off a tree he has a ninja fights (whack! whack! bonk!), and jumps in the water (splash!), the sound words are included in the story.  This is a good chance to bring up the vocabulary word onomatopoeia with children who might learn to say it, although we would not expect them to fully understand the meaning.  Children could apprentice themselves to the writing and begin to include some sound words in their own stories and drawings.

My work pages include one about onomatopoeia which would be good for second grade (or the end of grade one).


The other page is a Venn diagram about what went well on the trip and what might have been better!  Answer keys are provided

Froggy Goes to Hawaii Venn Diagram Compare Contrast

Happy reading, Carolyn

Click on these words for the free PDF


Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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