Free Printable for First Grade Ladybugs

Free Printable for First Grade Ladybugs

by Joanne Ryder, pictures by Betsy Lewin
First-Grade-LadybugsThis post has a free printable for First Grade Ladybugs, which is is an easy reader. The printable includes a set of comprehension questions that could be used at home or at school.  It also has printable cards to use with tray activities for learning the complements of ten in math. Also included is a ladybug life cycle page, writing pages, and a rubric. Joanne Ryder has written many wonderful books for children, and this is one that can be read by children. Join our free eMember area and download this PDF for free.
In this story, the first grade is jealous that grade four is going on a field trip, and the teacher has an idea for the first graders to plant a garden for a special activity.  The children have a bake sale to raise money for the garden, their parents help, and the garden begins to grow.  Grade four tramples the garden and then fixes it for the first graders.  The story ends with a harvest vegetable party to which the fourth graders are invited.  Gabe’s grandma has a special role by helping the first graders so much.  The birds and ladybugs help by eating bugs that eat plants.  The teacher tells the class that ladybugs are a garden’s best friend.   She also tells the students they are also a garden’s best friend and calls them “first-grade ladybugs.”

There are writing pages such as the following image of one.


The ladybug lifecycle page also allows for some writing space, or the sentence could be copied for manuscript printing practice for differentiation.


The 10-frames have a ladybug theme, too, of course.


The free printable includes 10 frames to match with corresponding fact cards or objects.

10 frames tray activities
Happy reading, Carolyn


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