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Free Printable for Arthur’s Thanksgiving Book


Arthur’s Thanksgiving Book is another in the Arthur series that helps children understand the world around them with a gentle lesson. These books are so child-friendly and appropriate. They are about reading level 19-20.

This post has a free printable for Arthur’s Thanksgiving book by Marc Brown.  It is a 6 page PDF (3 student pages and 3 answer key pages).

It’s the Arthur Books 35th Anniversary!  Marc Brown has been visiting schools as part of the celebration.  If children have seen the author speak or not, they all know the Arthur books.  Some children refuse to read anything else during part of first grade as they just get the hang of real reading.  This series delights children as Arthur always has a problem to solve similar to things that happen in their own lives.  Everything always works out, but not exactly as we might predict.  In Arthur’s Thanksgiving, he cannot find anyone to play the part of the turkey for the Thanksgiving play.  He tries persuasion and even a real turkey (that doesn’t work out), and ends up having to play the part himself and surprises everyone by doing so.  He forgets his lines on stage, and the ending is fun and clever.

My free PDF work page asks students to list arguments for an against playing the part of the turkey in the play by possible cast members, along with other work pages:


(3 student pages in all, 3 answer key pages, second grade and up or advanced first-grade independent readers)

Here is a picture of one fill-in-the-missing-letters work pages.


Free Printable for Arthur's Thanksgiving Book

Happy reading, Carolyn

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