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This post has a free printable for Arthur’s First Sleepover by Marc Brown, as well as a short book review.

Arthur’s First Sleepover work page and key, FREE PDF

The story of Arthur’s First Sleepover seems more typical of older and braver boys rather than a first experience sleeping outside in a tent.  This is a pretty exciting adventure story beginning with a write up of aliens in the local newspaper.

At night outside, the boys hear footsteps and worry, but it turns out to be a pizza delivery for them.  When Arthur goes inside late at night, D.W. thinks Arthur is coming inside to sleep.  After all, she had been using a flashlight to focus beams of light on the tent to make the boys think a spaceship was overhead.  After running while still inside the tent smack into a tree, the boys had figured out it was just the sister.  They do return to the tent for the whole night.  This book is certainly one boys will especially enjoy.Arthur's First Sleepover

First sleepovers do not always end in an actual overnight, and children may return home in the early hours of the morning being not quite ready for an entire night.  Some parents cleverly allow their children to have “sleep-unders” where they visit until just a little later than bedtime.  The children have fun but don’t have to face all the fears they may have about actual sleepovers all at once.  Reading stories about sleepovers can also be a step toward being able to have an actual successful experience, in another home or at camp.

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Free Printable for Arthur's First Sleepover

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