Alphabeasties (2009)

by Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss

Don’t let the name of Alphabeasties scare you away!  Thanks to Siri Wilhelm for showing me this book.  Siri is an art teacher and plans to perhaps have students draw animals like the ones in this book, all made of letters of the alphabet.  The alligator is made of multiple typeface letter A’s, for instance.

There is more, too, as for each letter there are several boxes on the page showing other pictures that begin with the letter.  There are flaps to lift and pages to unfold to reveal the entire picture, so children will be engaged and be able to interact with this book to their delight.  The alligator page unfolds to show how long the alligator is, and the giraffe page unfolds upwards to show its height.  Such fun!  This book is one that could be read over and over, the best kind of children’s book.

“Blocky or small. Thick or tall.
Roundish, slope-y, fancy or dopey.
Letters look different in all different places.
That’s because they have different typefaces.

Sharon Werner & Sarah Forss are graphic designers who have won several awards.  Also, their works have been placed in permanent collections such as the Library of Congress, Musée de la Poste, Victoria and Albert Museum, Musée des Arts Decoratifs, and the Cooper Hewitt Museum.  They have more books and an activity book for Alphabeasties, the Alphabeasties Amazing Activity Book.

I think older children who are able to draw the outline shape of an animal and include some flaps to lift or fold out would make a great and interactive hallway display in a school.

Here is a You Tube video book trailer for Alphabeasties:

Happy reading, Carolyn

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