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Free Printable for Albert by Donna Jo Napoli

This post has a free printable for ALBERT by Donna Jo Napoli and illustrated by Jim LaMarche.  The class will discuss good and bad classroom sounds after reading this story, using the compare/contrast thinking skill.

In this book, the main character, Albert, is a sensitive individual who lives alone and marches to a different drummer. This story is about a bird building a nest in Albert’s hand, eggs hatching, and the young birds flying away. Albert holds his hand out the window the entire time, and due to the iron bars on the window, he can’t let go of the nest. It is silly as he can’t eat, so he opens his mouth and lets the bird feed him (certain things, that is). Finally, the baby birds leave the nest and Albert returns to living his own life. Now, really, children can think of many reasons why this story is impossible, but they enjoy the humor.

Download the PDF by clicking on the next link:


This book is a fun read but also can lead to a lesson about the noise level in the classroom. Albert, being sensitive, differentiates between good and bad sounds.  Just a few bad sounds keep him inside, which children may not quite catch. However, my FREE PDF work page is about good sounds and not good noises in the story. Teachers could extend this idea for a discussion about good sounds and not good noises when inside the school and room.Albert by Donna Jo Napoli Free Printable

The good sounds in this story include a dog barking, clattering on the steps, giggles, the mailman singing, the snack vendor shouting, laughing, peeping, chuckles, whistles, and chirping. These sounds are all happy sounds to Albert. The not good noises include a truck rumbling by, arguing, yelling, planes roaring, sirens, and screeching. The children are sure to add to add their ideas to both lists.

Happy reading, Carolyn