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Free PowerPoint India A to Z

This post has a free PowerPoint India A to Z, and also a free interactive SMART Board file for India A to Z.

I Is for India by Prodeepta Das book coverThe anticipatory set for this presentation could be the I is for India book, one in the Round-the-World set of books. Prodeepta Das is the author of this book. I think it is very helpful for teachers who work with children from India, and all the students also enjoy the book. When Indian students would arrive at school and tell me it was Holi, for instance, I had to self study and learn why the children were so excited, and this nonfiction book was helpful.  Really, children’s books see the world from the viewpoint of children, obviously, and so quickly helped me understand holidays like Holi.  So, this book is one I highly recommend for classes with children from India who can teach many new things to their teachers and classmates.  The book is informative and interesting, and not just a simple ABC book.

Free Power Point

Free SMART board file


The Peacock is the National Bird of India

beautiful jewelry in India

Happy Holi!  Carolyn